The Urgent Need for Youth Financial Education

If young people are not taught how to make informed financial decisions today, they will be more likely to make mistakes tomorrow. Therefore, a strategic approach to promoting youth and young adult financial capability is needed. Through the F.R.E.S.H young adult curriculum we provide participants with the skills and know-how to get and use money to reach their goals now and as they make the transition into college/work. We do so in a fun, energetic, relatable and “street-smart” way using hip-hop and pop culture.

Mission Statement

F.R.E.S.H.’s role/mission is to increase both the quantity and quality of information necessary to make rational financial choices – information that, for whatever reasons, have not been readily available – so that our primarily urban youth, unbanked, and underbanked population can be exposed to universal financial concepts and practices that will allow them a better understanding of how to manage their finances and build wealth for generations. This in turn will help our participants make positive contributions to themselves, their families and their society in a more complete, satisfying and productive manner.

About F.R.E.S.H.

Punctuated with thought-provoking examples, our presentations and seminars are known to enable participants to set and achieve goals, establish values to live by, and to face failure in order to handle success. F.R..E.S.H. presents a unique and dynamic formula for understanding financially literacy through hip-hop and pop culture and gives students the tools necessary in retraining their mind for success. Our program is designed to transform lives on the personal, inter-personal, family and community levels.

High School Talk in Action

Our Youth in Action


We offer single session workshops and 5, 10, & 20 week workshops, which can be held at our or your facility. All workshops are based upon the needs of your program’s target population.

Here’s what our clients think…


“Ash’Cash has one truly unique and exceptional quality to his presentation; engagement. Ash has spoken with our hard to reach, disconnected youth and engaged and motivated them to think critically about financial empowerment and ultimately their success.”

-Kim Dennis, Administration for Children Services




“Ash’Cash represents the clarity that is needed in America’s pursuit for Financial Literacy. He is someone who is prepared to motivate a group with real world examples that remove the fears of Financial Empowerment. Ash is an invaluable voice that should not be ignored.”

-Greg Holley, Jewish Board of Family and Children Services



“All of us at The Harlem Children Zone are truly grateful for someone like Ash’Cash. We recognize the challenges that our students face economically once they venture out in the real world. People, such as him help in our efforts to make their transition a successful one.”

-Thomas Williams, High School Director at Harlem Children Zone




“Ash is an outstanding leader on the forefront for financial literacy. He has been a HUGE advocate for Operation Hope’s Banking On Our Future program in New York for several years and has shown his passion and dedication for the youth and his community.  I have had great experiences with him and appreciate having him part of our program.”

-Jackie Starr, Vice President – Operation HOPE Inc.


For further information, please fill out form below or contact Amina Phleps, Director of Programs at or 914.715.7109