It’s Time to Challenge the Law of Attraction – Daily Word March 31, 2017

The Law of Attraction is arguably the most powerful law in the universe and over the past 10+ years many people (including myself) have been realizing its power, especially with the introduction of the book, The Secret. But what if I told you that it wasn’t the only law? And if you only utilize the Law of Attraction you will be disappointed when your dreams aren’t materializing? My new book Mind Right, Life Right: Manifesting Your Dreams Through the Laws of The Universe is officially out today and in the book I challenge the Law of Attraction and make the bold prediction that if you only utilize this law you will NOT be able to fully materialize your dreams and aspirations!

I wrote Mind Right, Life Right to help those who are seeking true enlightenment, learn how to turn their dreams into reality. Through the nine Mindset Principles, readers will learn that the Law of Attraction is just a piece of the puzzle (although a big piece), and that if you combine this law with other powerful principles that govern the universe, you can achieve ANYTHING you put your mind, grind and focus towards.

“You need this book in your life! Ash’s words have helped change my outlook on life.”
-Jermaine Dupri, Grammy Award Winning Song Writer and Producer,

There is an awakening happening where more and more people are demanding a life of true fulfillment and with the right tools anyone can create and live their best possible life; Mind Right, Life Right is that tool. The universe is ready and willing to give you EVERYTHING your heart desires. If you know and believe that abundance is your birthright then your dreams will begin to manifest.

The significance of the book title lies in the fact that your perspective is what matters most. As Wayne Dyer said “If you change the way you look at things, then the things you look at will change.”  Your mind controls your reality, so if you want to get your life right, you must first get your mind right.
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