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Exclusive Ash Cash Interview | The KMP Blog

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KMP got the chance to read an amazing book that is helping change the way I manage my finances as well as they I think in regards to money. Mind Right, Money Right! 10 Laws of Financial Freedom is an amazing book that everyone must read. After reading this book I had to interview the author and find out more.

KMP Interviews presents…Ash Cash author of a new financial book that can probably change your life and the way you think; Mind Right, Money Right! 10 Laws of Financial Freedom.

Q. Is Ash Cash your real name? If not, where or how did this name come about?

A. My first name is really Ash and back in High School around the time when Juvenile, BG, Mannie Fresh, the Hot Boys and the whole Cash Money Crew came out some of my friends would call me Ash Money. Well one day a friend of mine mistakenly called me Ash Cash instead of Ash Money, I thought it had a nice ring to it so I kept it. I guess it was fate because a year later I got my first job as a teller, which started my career in finance. With my goal to become the financial expert of our generation the name is very fitting.

Q. I first learned about you through the Daily Word email I receive from DJ Kut. I enjoy the Daily Word emails and I use the quotes on there and pass it on along to other people to enjoy as well. When did Daily Word start and what made you start this?

A. Thanks so much for helping spread the word. I’ve been doing the Daily Word for about four years now and it started originally as a way to help inspire and motivate my close friends, family and associates. One year my wife took me to a bed and breakfast for my birthday and during our stay I came across a book of quotes. This was around the time Oprah was promoting the book “The Secret” I was intrigue by the theory that positive thinking can change a person’s circumstance and wanted to learn more. After reading “The Secret” and now coming across this quote book I was convinced that words had power and knew for sure that quotes can help to change peoples moods and circumstances. I began sending a regular email out every morning to everyone in my contact history. Eventually other people started to email me and ask whether I can add them on to my list. I would get emails from random people thanking me for helping them through certain situations and it became too much to manage from just an email. I decided to create a web site (www.TheAshCashShow.com) and streamline the emails using an email marketing software. The rest is history. When I started out I had maybe fifty people on my list, now I have over two thousand; not to mention the people who forward them to their list of family and friends. DJ Kut for instance has a list as large as ten thousand plus who get the Daily Word everyday religiously. Kut tells me all the time that I don’t really understand my reach but humbly I’m just happy that I can affect at least one life.

mrmrbookcover 205x300 Ash Cash   The Interview

Q. I’ve read your book Mind Right, Money Right: 10 Laws of Financial Freedom. Great title, Amazing book! This book looks like it took quite some time, there’s so much research and information put into the book. With all the financial, self-help books out there, what makes your book different from the rest?

A. The difference is that Mind Right, Money Right is written in simple and identifiable terms and gives you examples of men and woman that have become successful using these same laws. If you are looking to make a significant impact in anyone’s life it is important that you are able to relate to them and talk to them in a way that will have a real impact. Most finance books are written in finance jargon so unless you have a finance degree it may be hard to follow at times. Mind Right, Money Right solved this issue. The second difference is that to me most finance books are written for informational purposes only. I am a big fan of Rich Dad, Poor Dad; The Richest Man in Babylon, Think and Grow Rich, The millionaire next door and many others which are excellent books and great point of references but most of these books give you a theory about money and provide you with good reasons why you should follow their theory but no real concrete plan on how to go about it. With Mind Right, Money Right, my aim was to write a book that anyone from anywhere and any background can understand. Not only did I want people to understand; I also aimed to include actionable items that can be implemented immediately and have a significant impact on anyone’s finances as well as in their lives. This book provides not only the practical things that are needed to get your finances together but the mental aspect as well.

Q. Prior to starting or finishing your book, did you practice the 10 Laws of Financial Freedom yourself, and do you still practice these laws?

A. I have a degree in Finance and Investments, I’ve been in banking for more than ten years and I’ve helped many people through out my career manage their finances. The funny thing is that despite having this knowledge, I had developed some very bad habits early on in my life, which caused me to live paycheck to paycheck and go into debt with creditors breathing down my back. Eventually I had to get my Mind Right and realize that I had no excuse for living life this way. By personally following the ten laws I was able to get out of debt and free myself of the dependency of money. I became debt free at twenty-five, bought my first home at twenty-six, created a solid financial plan that my family and I follow religiously and can honestly say that I am now financially free.

Q. Your book does a great job describing how in order for our money to be right we need to make sure our mind is right, just like the title says. I like how your book goes from the psychology of the mind into financial help but still in a more advice type rather than how-to. This helps people understand why we are saving or investing or buying a home. Did you have any role models growing up that guided you in the right direction?

A. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it I grew up a product of a single parent household, growing up in one of the most dangerous housing projects in New York City. I had no real role models or anyone around me to teach me the things I needed to know to make my life better. For some reason God sparred me. I could have easily gone down the wrong path but luckily for me my angels had better plans for my life.  I was given all the knowledge that I needed to turn my life around and now I use that same knowledge to educate my people! Please understand when I say my people I am not talking about black and white, I am talking about anyone who had a rough beginning and was counted out before being given a chance. I am on a mission to financially educate the forgotten and the less fortunate! I root for the underdog! I am cut from that same cloth and no matter what I vow to show people that nothing is impossible!!

Q. What was Ash Cash like before the Daily Word or Mind Right, Money Right?

A. Whew! That’s a good one! Ash Cash before the Daily Word or Mind Right, Money Right was a lost kid. I didn’t really have any direction. I wanted to be a lawyer, basketball star, or an actor. I was pretty good in all three but no one really supported my dreams so I began to act up in school and cause havoc for no reason. I went to three high schools, repeated the tenth grade because I was expelled, and my grades were so bad that the only college that would accept me was my local community college. I never sold any drugs but definitely dabbled in the street life a little. Again God had better plans for me. I don’t think I was a bad kid I just think that I was yearning for attention.

Q. How has your life changed since then?

A. I am more responsible. I realize that I don’t have to be a product of my environment. In fact you are whatever you say you are. I now know that whatever I want in life will be mine if I put the right energy out there and stay focused! Back then I was listening to what society said I had to be even though that wasn’t really me. That’s why I advice people everyday to watch their words and watch what energy they put out there. The universe is in your control so be careful what you wish for.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. In five years I will be a best selling author. I will have either a TV or radio show that will attract millions of listeners and/or viewers concentrating mainly on inspiring and motivating people to be the best they can be. I’m not trying to be the next Oprah but the word on the street is that she’s retiring soon so someone needs to fill that void

Q. What’s next for Ash Cash?

A. I’m currently in the process of finishing the Mind Right series. Mind Right, Money Right went over the basic concept of how to manage your personal finances but I have three more books coming out that will concentrate specifically on credit, investments, & entrepreneurship. I am also working with a great team on putting out some motivational CD’s, and DVD’s, I have a speaking tour coming soon, I’m working with a new magazine as their financial columnist, and through my company Ash Cash Management Group I am putting together a curriculum to teach financial literacy to schools, churches, prisons, and community based organizations.

Q. How can people contact you if they have questions or comments about your book?

A. I am really on a mission to financially re-educate as much people as I can. I purposely put my email address, which is info@IamAshCash.com on the back of the book so that my readers can contact me directly. This is the email that is attached to my Blackberry so I will respond personally. Also you can contact me via my web site www.IamAshCash.com, Twitter www.twitter.com/IamAshCash or Facebook www.Facebook.com/IamAshCash. My book blog www.MindRightMoneyRightBook.com is currently under construction and will be available soon. Last but not least make sure you pick up Mind Right, Money Right: 10 Laws of Financial Freedom available now on Amazon.com.

Review & Giveaway – Mind Right, Money Right: 10 Law of Financial Freedom –

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By: Ash Cash
I was given the great opportunity to review this book (Mind Right, Money Right: 10 Laws of Financial Freedom), and what a great read it was. From beginning to end, I was amazed at how much I learned from this book; from the great financial advice to the success stories of some of the wealthiest people on earth, I was intrigued and inspired to be all that I can be.
Here a few things I got out of this book and I hope you get a copy for yourself and feel the same way as I.
The 10 Laws listed are very important, and the book describes each law very detailed, I was hooked on every law. They are all so true and even if we think we “know this” already, I recommend getting the book and going over it again.
The 10 Laws:
I. Always Be Confident
II. Keep a Positive Mental Attitude
III. Pay Yourself before Your Bills
IV. Budget Your Expenses
V. Plan for the Future
VI. Own Property
VII. Make Your Money Work for You
VIII. Invest Your Money Wisely
IX. Never Stop Learning
X. Always Be Hungry
The laws teach you how to be a better you overall, financially, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The book is filled with positive motivation and that “push” that most of us need to make that change in our lives, especially when it comes to getting things done. If you’ve read: The 48 Laws Power Mind Right, Money Right: 10 Law of Financial Freedom   Review & Giveaway, Richest Man in Babylon, The Automatic Millionaire, The Greatest Salesman in the World Mind Right, Money Right: 10 Law of Financial Freedom   Review & Giveaway or any of OG Mandino’s books, you’ll find Mind Right, Money Right to be a brilliant book filled with the knowledge of these other great books. It’s what I would call “The Only Financial Book You’ll Ever Need.”  This book is filled with many pros, an easy read, a reference book and I highly recommend it.
The book has a few minor cons that I must mention in order to be totally honest with you (my readers), these cons do not take away any of the pros I’ve mentioned above and I still recommend that you pick up a copy.
One of the cons that I found was a few grammatical and spelling errors, that can be easily corrected.
Other than that, Mind Right, Money Right: 10 Laws of Financial Freedom Mind Right, Money Right: 10 Law of Financial Freedom   Review & Giveaway is a must read book this year, so go ahead and add this to your New Year’s Resolution… As a matter of fact, Ash Cash & KMP Blog is giving away ONE (1) lucky reader a FREE copy of the book. Just leave a comment below and a winner will be randomly selected.
The winner will be selected Friday, February 26, 2010.

World Of Fly Girls Book Of The Week : Mind Right, Money Right

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Notorious BIG once said “Being Broke And 30 Gives a Ni@#a The Chills”…And every now and then I tend to catch a cold time to time ..SMH

Luckily for us this year, that’s all about to change. Today we bring to you Mind Right, Money Right….a book written by author/ financial advisor and entrepreneur Ash Cash. A New York City native, Ash went through the normal trials and tribulations of growing up as young black man in Harlem. Realizing the need to be young, fly, and flashy as well as  a provider for his family Ash chose to go the legit route. He made the decision at a very young age he would not fall for the smoked mirrors of the street life.

After a couple odd gigs, Young Ash found himself at entry level position of teller, where he discovered his love for finance. No Blessings Without Passion, he quickly moved up the ranks the financial ladder. Fast forward a couple years later, Ash is now Vice President of one of the largest financial instituations of the world. Did I mention he got this position at 24years old? Ooops my bad.

Five years later, Ash still maintains to his position as VP , but is also President and CEO of Ash Cash Enterprises,  which houses Ash Cash Entertainment Group, Ash Cash Management Group and Ash Cash Holding co. Not bad for a Harlem Boy doing it all before the age of 30, huh?

Mind Right, Money Right is a book that focuses on the 10 Laws Of Financial Freedom. Targeted towards the 18-35yr urban demographic, the book discusses the power of self confidence, having a positive mental attitude, paying yourself first, budgeting, and planning for the future. It also provides real life accounts of how these universal laws were applied by some of our most successful entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey, Shawn Carter, Sean Combs, Curtis Jackson and Tyler Perry many others.

Let’s be honest, they were exactly trust fund babies, now were they?

A perfect resource book to give and purchase as we all walk this narrow road to success...

When you purchase the book be sure to come back here and give us your review. I got mine, meet ya’ll at the bank….

Available….on Amazon.com

For more information on AshCash check out the following links:



Avenue Pink Interview

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Ash’Cash called in to talk to the girls of Avenue pink about how it is like to be a workaholic and why it’s important to follow your passion! You don’t want to miss this interview. A lot of great questions! Read full show description below:


Is your life consumed with pulling long hours at the office, constant glances at your blackberry for new messages, work-related excuses as to why you can’t enjoy leisurely activities and a mile-long list of reasons for stress? If so, it’s time to kick your chronic habit of thinking about work 24/7! Join the ladies of Avenue Pink tonight at 10 p.m. EST and learn how to manage a healthy work-life balance. When you’re building a career you should work smart – not work hard. See your friends and family more, get out more and have more time for yourself. Who says you can’t have it all?

Log on to www.avenuepink.com for tips on how to put some balance back into your life with our guest Ash’Cash, CEO of Ash Cash Management Group, LLC. Save our number and call us up with your workaholic stories or your own strategies of maintaining work-life balance at. (347) 843.4884. Or e-mail us with questions about how you want to improve your life at questions@avenuepink.com. And of course, you can always hit us up live online on twitter @avenuepink and AIM at avenuepink. So no worries, the days on all work and no play are over! Avenue Pink has you covered — we’ll see you on the block!