Speaking, Multimedia Programs & Campaigns

Need a program or campaign tailored to your organization’s specific needs? Need it to focus on financial education, the psychology of money and how to create a new money mindset, or really any money topic? Let’s work together!Speaking engagements, financial educational material, and broad-reaching campaigns – I can help you with it all.I’ve created and produced many multimedia programs for various companies and non-profits, and can do the same for you or create your own unique campaign.

As a personal finance expert, business consultant, author, TV personality, and sought-after inspirational speaker, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to all of my work.

Your project can include one or all of the below elements:

  • Social Media outreach
  • Online videos
  • Live-streaming
  • Speaking engagements
  • Sponsorship campaigns
  • Financial educational material
  • Editorials
  • Town Halls

If you don’t see what you need on the list, let’s still discuss. I can create a custom campaign to meet your specific needs.

Notable Partners have included:

Let’s connect:

To learn more or to reach me regarding your project, please contact:

Amina Phelps
Business Manager
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(Please CC Ash on all inquiries: Ash@IamAshCAsh.com)