Stop Settling!! – Daily Word December 2, 2016


Happy Friday my fearless creatures of excellence! Welcome to the end of a powerful week! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to not settling for less! You are great!! You are powerful beyond measure!! You are brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous, and can do anything you put your mind to!! Despite this fact the world is doing […]

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Only If You Believe!! – Daily Word December 1, 2016


Happy Thursday my creatures of greatness! Welcome to the final stretch of 2016! 31 days until the New Year, New YOU! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to your belief system! Life is bad, difficult, awful, and a waste of time!! Yes!! If that’s what you believe! Life is easy, enjoyable, exciting, and worth every second!! […]

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Be Extraordinary!!! – Daily Word November 29, 2016


Happy Tuesday, my creatures of Greatness!! Welcome to the best day of your entire life….. EVERYDAY!!!! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to Being Extraordinary! Contrary to popular belief, no one was put on this earth to merely survive! We were not put here to struggle, and we were surely not put here to be “regular.” […]

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