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    “You deserve to be happy & successful. Commit yourself, your thoughts
    and actions towards this goal and do whatever it takes to make it so.”
    -Excerpt From Mind Right Money: 10 Laws of Financial Freedom!-

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    Who’s Saying What?

    • Ash Cash is a motivator and a voice that cannot be ignored. Through his Daily Words of Inspiration he helps many people, including myself, overcome many obstacles. Believe it or not, his words have helped change my outlook on life.
      Jermaine Dupri
      Grammy Award Winning Song Writer and Producer, CEO of So So Def, Owner of Global14.com
    • Not too many walk the walk and talk the talk. Ash is a pioneer of daily motivation. His words inspire me and my audience daily!
      Egypt Sherrod
      Host of HGTV’s Property Virgins
    • Ash Cash gives profound insight into the intricate details of life. His practical wisdom servs as effective instruction on how to get from where you are in life to where you want to be.
      Yolanda Moore
      Two-Time WNBA champion, Author of “You Will Win, If YOu Don’t Quit.
    • Ash’Cash is our generation’s Les Brown. His words of wisdom have great impact and his delivery is powerful. In these times of uncertainty he is definitely a voice you can lean on!
      DJ Kut
      Music Director & Radio Personality at Radio One Broadcasting, Personality at KPLR-TV Channel 11
    • Ash’Cash represents the clarity and genuineness needed to help people move forward. His advice provides a clear plan to help anyone serious about changing their life to become better.
      Jermaine “Jay Everyday” Smith
      Publisher, Producer and Award Winning Playwright
    • Ash’s words motivate people from all different walks of life. They reach across cultures, ages, genders, and races.
      Derrick McDaniel
      JD, MBA, PMP, NYU Business Professor
    • I look forward to Ash Cash’s words every day. As an Entrepreneur you have to stay motivated and its refreshing to have such positive reinforcement that will inspire me to keep focused on the vision.
      Jean Alerte
      Entrepreneur, Author of Do Right, Do Good

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