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Stop Insulting YOU! – Daily Word April 29, 2016

AshCash 29, Apr

Happy Friday my blessed and highly favored! Welcome to the day that you realize that your path is your path and to deviate from it, is a grave mistake! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to jealousy and envy! The biggest insult that you can ever pay yourself is to be jealous or envious of another […]

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Find Your Balance! – Daily Word April 28, 2016

AshCash 28, Apr

Happy #ThrowbackThursday my rationalizers of current circumstances! Welcome to the day that you realize that contrast is an important part of your experience! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to finding your balance! Up/Down, Happy/Sad, Light/Dark, Rich/Poor, Work/Play, Pleasure/Pain… Life is contrast and life is balance! Many things will enter your life that you may often […]

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Keep Winning the Battle!! – Daily Word April 27, 2016

AshCash 27, Apr

Happy Wins-Day my centers of influence! Welcome to the day that most people write off as simply #Humpday, but the day that YOU know is a day that will get you closer to your dreams! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to winning your battles! Life isn’t easy for those who dream! Those who have goals […]

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Upcoming Events

There's no better action than live action. Come see Ash Cash live and get motivated

16 Apr
MasterCard - NAN Convention 2016 - Youth Financial Literacy Panel Flyer - Final

Youth Financial Literacy Panel at the National Action Network Convention

Sheraton Times Square Hotel 811 7th Avenue, NY, NY 10019
MasterCard - NAN Convention 2016 - Youth Financial Literacy Panel Flyer - Final
19 Apr
cardinalspellman 2016_thumb

Ash Cash speaks to Seniors at Cardinal Spellman High School

1 Cardinal Spellman Pl, Bronx, NY 10466
cardinalspellman 2016_thumb
  • Some info: Some Info
24 Apr
april dsd

Ash Cash to Speak to Fathers at The Children’s Aid Society

Children's Aid Society 14-32 West 118th New York, NY
april dsd

Down Syndrome Daddies Presents: “The importance of fathers and positive male role models for children

26 Apr

Ash Cash featured as panelist at B2B Exchange in Queens discussing Economic Empowerment

Thee Eurosoul Lounge at Pa Nash 144-14 243rd Street Rosedale, NY 11422

Next event will be in

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Ash Cash talks to PIX11 Morning News about Money-saving life hacks

AshCash 21, Apr

Ash Exantus, the financial empowerment coach from BankMobile, is back. He’s sharing some of his money-saving life hacks: (Click here to see Video) 1. Clear Your Browsing History: When shopping online and comparing prices make sure you clear your cache and browser history — especially when buying airline tickets. Online companies know what you’re searching for based […]

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Ash Cash talks to PIX11 morning news about 7 ways to make more money on the side

AshCash 11, Mar

Ash Exantus from BankMobile has seven ideas to help you earn some extra cash. (Click here to see video) Side hustle ideas: 1. Sell your good unwanted items: Take all the stuff that you have laying around the house that you don’t need and sell it. 2. Sell freebies from Craigslist: Look for free stuff on Craigslist. […]

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Ash Cash visits PIX11 Morning News to discuss Extra fees banks are charging without you even knowing

AshCash 22, Feb

Banks can give you extra money with interest, but they can also take more than you earn because of hidden fees you’re unaware of. Ash Exantus, financial empowerment coach at BankMobile, shows us eight ways banks are charging you extra without you even knowing. List of fees: Balance transfer fees (credit cards) Overdraft sweep fees Cash […]

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